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Stories do not write themselves, much as writers may modestly insist they do. Stories exist because writers need to tell them—a need so deep that they will endure false starts, woeful sentences, dead-end paragraphs, two-dimensional characters, flabby prose, wrong turns, and shaky narratives. In short, they will risk all the things that, taken together, comprise the writer’s greatest fear: failure. Specifically, failing to tell the story they need to tell.

Core to our mission of creating a home for writers and readers is our newsletter, Writerland, an ongoing journey to finding joy in writing. Because nothing good ever came from writers punishing themselves.

The Delacorte Review believes in writers, and what they can accomplish when unencumbered by anxiety, terror, despair, and fear of rejection. We believe that writers — both emerging and experienced — who feel supported and confident can produce their best work, and that readers benefit. We want our readers to discover new, original works of ambitious narrative nonfiction, often by writers they are reading for the first time.

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Nothing good ever came from writers punishing themselves


Michael Shapiro

Founder and Publisher, The Delacorte Review